Read To A Child is a volunteer mentoring nonprofit organization with five locations in the United States. Volunteers meet with students to read aloud with them and serve as a mentor. This is right up our alley at Design TLC – Tara has been a volunteer with a local read aloud program, as well as a mentor for local high school students. Connecting and developing relationships with kids, and serving as a supportive resource for them is one of the best things we can do as adult volunteers.

New Website Process

The old website for Read To A Child was built with WordPress, but it was developed many years ago and needed updating. With 5 locations, we helped to better organize the content and the process for adding new content, such as supporter information, staff and board members.

We created a detailed set of instructions to make it easy for the staff to add and edit content on the website, and developed modules that control the structure to create some automated updates to templates to ensure a consistent layout and look for different types of content.

Unique Design

We loved working with the content for Read To A Child to create a unique, inviting design. We created consistency with the book theme in the logo with some background shapes, and made the hover effect on the buttons look like pages being turned.

The colors in their logo were bright and nice to work with, and make the website look fun and fresh.

Overall, this project went really smoothly and we loved working with the team at Read to a Child to create this updated, user-friendly new website!