We loved working with Engage The Brain on their new website design! This client was super responsive and “engaged” in the process. From branding and identity to design and content development, we worked together swiftly and smoothly. The result is a really well-organized and comprehensive new website for this central Florida-based tutoring and academic service company.

Logo Refresh

Their existing website was about 8 years old. The client asked us to refresh their logo as part of the website redesign process. After exploring some options, we agreed that their existing icon was identifiable. We opted to refresh just the typography and refresh the logo mark. The resulting logo is more cohesive and unique.

Old Engage The Brain logo
New Engage The Brain logo

Website Design

The new website design was fun to work on! We created some curved edges on images to mimic the edges of the logo icon. We utilized a screened version of the icon as a background image throughout the site. This adds interest, depth and a level of professionalism to the design.

We continued the use of their copyrighted the tagline “Think. Learn. Grow.” and worked with a writer to develop a compelling headline below the hero image.

Old Engage The Brain website
New Engage The Brain website design

Website Architecture

As part of the website development process, we did keyword research, and helped the client with an improved website architecture. We created new pages that focus on key areas of academic support services. For the Services and About sections of the website, we utilized a submenu design that makes it easy to access sub pages with these sections. Overall, we helped EtB improve the architecture of their website.

Engage the Brain website page design
The subpages utilize a submenu and a screen of the logo icon as a background,
as well as an interesting curve crop on the hero image photo.

SEO Improvements

SEO keyword positioning after website launch
SEO keyword positioning improvements since launch

The website had some good blog content. The blog section was hidden on the website, as the content is older. We revived these posts, as they will help with SEO. We mapped keywords to all pages and the writer incorporated these terms wherever possible. For stronger SEO, we also applied these keywords to Alt Text for images and developed custom SEO titles and Meta Descriptions. Going forward, we will be tracking keyword ranking for Engage The Brain in the coming months and have already seen growth in just the first week since launch.

Engage The Brain will expand their audience and conversions with their new website. This website is designed to provide information and make it easy for prospective clients to schedule a free consultation, attend workshops and events, and sign up for services.