Christ Episcopal School in Rockville, Maryland is a small private school with a big heart! The school community is tight-knit and has reinvented itself in recent years. Their new director has a vision for the school which includes a new, brighter website and overall look and branding, which better reflects the school character.

New Logo and Color Palette

We started with a refresh of the color palette, logo and shield. The color palette was dark and the logo was not a vector format, which made it look blurry and hard to read. The icon/shield had a lot of drop shadows and too much detail for a small space. It also had a “police shield” shape which didn’t feel friendly.

The Episcopal Church colors include a cheerful blue and red. We updated the shield to remove the drop shadows and simplify the icons. We squared off the top and replaced the maroon in their former shield with a brighter red that is close to the Episcopal red.

We chose a serif font that had a unique squared serif to create a balance with a traditional and modern look.

Old school logo
Old logo and colors

New color palette and logo:

New Website

The old website was built on a proprietary CMS which was out of date and hard to edit. The navigation was a bit overwhelming, and needed to be reorganized and streamlined.

Old Christ Episcopal School Website

When we asked the team at the school to describe their school’s personality and unique selling point, more than one person described the school as a “happy place.” They wanted a “Wow!” website! We came up with a design that helped to feature a happy feeling, and which is unique and easy to navigate. The client was super responsive with content, using our organized Google Docs process, so the development of the new site was a breeze. They helped identify photos for each page, and provided well-written content that we added to each page and formatted with subheads, accordions, and tables. They also provided custom meta descriptions for SEO, which incorporated the SEO keyword research and recommendations we provide as part of all of our website projects.

Private School Website
New Website

Each section of the website has a sidebar menu to make navigating within each section easy. We also included breadcrumbs on each page.

The back end of the website is neat and tidy! We make sure the pages are well organized, and we put written Website Instructions within the WordPress Dashboard, with screenshots and videos to help them with any editing after launch, so editing and keeping the website updated is a snap!

It was a delight to work with the team at Christ Episcopal School! We look forward to seeing how the new website helps CES engage with their community, get found on the web by prospective families, and provide new inquiries for incoming families.