Why I Love Working for Design TLC


by Lauren Krieger, Client & Creative Service Associate As much of my day is spent working, it is important to me that a job provides more than just an income, but an investment in myself; a job that provides inspiration and opportunity for learning and growth, the satisfaction of feeling like I’m making a positive…

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How to Gain More Members and Donors With Your Nonprofit Fundraising Website


In our article about What Makes a Nonprofit Website Successful, we share the vital features which are necessary to include on your organization’s fundraising website and donation page. We discuss the importance of adding content which shows your legitimacy, features authentic photography, and shares your clearly communicated benefits & mission. This information is the backbone…

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What You Need to Know About Website Redirects


Do you know how to redirect a webpage or what that means? Just as you need to notify the post office to forward your mail when you move to a new address, the same needs to be done when you change your any url/permalink on your website. The url/permalink is the “address” of each page…

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How Can You Optimize Your Content for Voice Search?


With voice search quickly becoming a part of everyday life, it is increasingly important to optimize your website to meet its unique demands. Many statistics showcase the “voice search revolution.” Some studies estimate that by 2020, 50% of searches will be performed by voice and 30% won’t even use a screen. Currently 1 in 6…

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Make Your WordPress Website Better With Categories & Tags

Planning Website Content

You’ve researched your keywords and written quality content, but without the right taxonomies, you are missing an important step that could make a big difference in your ability to reach your audience. For WordPress, these default taxonomies are called “categories” and “tags”, and they are vital keys to getting the best results from your work.…

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Safely Adding a User to a Google My Business Listing


As mentioned in these quick tips for using Google My Business for SEO, having a Google My Business listing is important for your company’s online presence. Having this listing, properly configured, can increase your business’ chances of showing up in a Google search and in the top 3 featured businesses. At some point, you will…

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The Increasing Importance of Quality Website Content


“Content is King” is a phrase coined by Steve Jobs in 1996 in reference to the future of the internet. This idea has been progressively evident as it relates to SEO and a website’s success. The value of website content has evolved even further within the last 5 years. Google’s RankBrain, a machine learning tool…

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What is Alt Text and Why Should You Use It?


Alt text (alternative text) is the description of an image in words “behind the scenes” in the HTML code of a website. Here is how alt text will appear in HTML as shown in Yoast’s article Image SEO Alt Tag and Title Tag Optimization: In WordPress, you can find the alt text in the image…

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