Emily Hannah

Content Writer

Favorite Charity:

A charity whose mission I am passionate about it is the JustLikeMyChild Foundation, which supports the millions of young girls living in poverty who are at risk for early pregnancy and disease, sexual assault, leaving school, etc. through the Girl Power Project. The charity raises money to provide these young girls with the support and tools to plan for their future.

Memorable Teacher:

A teacher who made a big impact on my life was my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Mansell. My class read “The Outsiders” that year and it became my favorite book (it’s still one of my favorites!). Mrs. Mansell lead a discussion about the author, Susan Eloise Hinton, who went by the pen name S.E. Hinton. She did this to hide her female identity (she was only a teenager when she wrote “The Outsiders”) so she would be taken seriously as an author writing books about more serious topics, like the gangs in her story. Mrs. Mansell took the time to encourage the class, especially us young girls, to work hard for what we want despite any odds that may be against us. This inspired me greatly as a young writer and I’ll never forget her advice!

Emily is a creative, results-driven communications professional from Virginia Beach, Virginia. A Virginia Tech graduate, Emily gained a BA in Public Relations, minors in Business Leadership and Professional and Technical Writing. Her passions are writing, leadership, and learning.